Reusable water bottles keep money from going down the drain

Reusable water bottles keep money from going down the drainPeople in the US consume eight billion gallons of water in 50 million bottles annually, in spite of an abundance of nearly free, good tasting tap water. Instead of buying bottled water, a reusable water bottle and a little planning can go a long way to both save money and the environment.

So why do people buy bottled water? Mainly, because it is convenient. For health conscious people, grabbing a bottle of water while on the go or at a meeting is a better choice than a can of soda or a sugary fruit drink. Additionally, bottled water often does taste better than tap water. The taste of tap water can be hit or miss depending on its source and treatment, but bottled water is normally filtered and treated (at least we hope so).

But these benefits are not worth the costs or environmental impact of bottled water. Bottled water costs a whopping 1900 times more than tap water. Bottled water uses a lot of fossil fuel – 1.5 million barrels of oil per year – both for the manufacture of the plastic, and the transportation of empty bottles to the bottler and full bottles to stores. And, after a few minutes of use to drink the water, 86% of the bottles are thrown away instead being recycled.

So if good tap water available, a reusable bottle is the way to go. Reusable bottles come in , , and . And, if the tap water doesn’t taste good, a would solve that problem. Using a water bottle with an integrated filter gives the benefits of bottled water at a fraction of its cost and environmental impact.

It might take bit of planning to make sure you bring your bottle and fill it before a meeting or a trip. But such small actions make the world a healthier, greener place.


86% bottles are thrown away instead of being recycled??? **it! Reusable bottles it is!

One company has developed a unique product to help reduce the purchase of single use plastic water bottles.
The product is NUBO Bottle a reusable water bottle with it's own self contained water filtration system. Fill from any municipal tap, water fountains, sink, for clean, safe drinking water. The built in filter is good for 3 months or 350 16oz fills. 
The companies website  provides information on the tabs at the top, WHY NUBO, NUBO FILTRATION, SHOCKING FACTS, FAQ's.

The obvious benefits is a reduction of single use water bottles being discarded each day into the environment but there are other benefits. Conservation of the fossil fuels it takes to produce the plastic water bottles, the economic savings to consumers pocketbook, and the health benefits of not drinking from a container made of known cancer causing carcinogens.
The product is 100% manufactured in the USA (no China components).
Unique features of NUBO Bottle -
Patented design, water is filtered 3 times prior to entering bottle.
Patented recirculation vents re-filter water each time you drink.
The bottle is made with safe non-toxic materials NO PET,BPA, or PHTHALATES. Heat or freeze without toxic chemical leaching.
No squeezing or having to drink through a straw. Screw cap just like the water bottles you use today.
Dishwasher safe.
1) Good for the environment  - 60 million water bottles are disposed of every single day in the US alone!
2) Good for your pocket book -  4 cents per 16 oz or 350 fills of filtered water saving you hundreds of dollars per year buying single use water bottles. Replace filter every 3-4 months costing less than 1 cent per 16oz!
3) Good for your health - the plastic single use water bottles leach toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens when left on the shelf for a long period of time, reused, heated or frozen.
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Scott B. Steward

What a GREAT idea - a water bottle with a filter in it that I can just refill at any sink? This would save my family a fortune. Where can I get this Nubo bottle? 


Hi Sage,


It can be ordered at Please add SS to the comments section.




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