Software review of Sprint’s GREEN Samsung Reclaim

The software on Sprint’s Samsung Reclaim is basic but it will meet the needs of users looking for a phone first, and other functions second. It provides basic connections to social networking sites like FaceBook or MySpace and does allow Internet browsing.

There’s even a YouTube application, though that generated errors during testing.

Looking for a phone with lots of custom applications and a base of developers eager to deliver the next big thing? Move along, this phone isn’t for you, try the iPhone or the HTC Hero intead.

Hardware review of Sprint’s GREEN Samsung Reclaim

Sprint and Samsung are hoping for some kudos from the green movement with their launch of the Reclaim, and overall it provides some great functionality for a midrange mobile phone. It’s made from recycled and recyclable plastics, but that doesn’t get in the way of this value-packed device.

Soy-based inks used in the instruction manual and minimalist packaging emphasize the Reclaim’s eco friendliness.

The Reclaim comfortably fit in my hand and the plastic felt sturdy. Button placement was intuitive although at times I found myself hitting the selector button and return button at once on accident because of cramped space.