Barnes & Noble’s Nook hits Best Buy, new versions coming soon

Barnes & Noble’s Nook hits Best Buy, new versions coming soon Ever since Steve Jobs announced that the iPad was on the way, gadget geeks and e-reader fans have been frothing at the mouth. The device grabbed headlines in major newspapers and even ended up on Martha Stewart’s blog. So what can Barnes & Noble do to outshine the almighty iPad? Their plan is to sell the Nook through Best Buy and offer more affordable models.

According to Gizmodo, the bookseller is looking to diversify the Nook lineup with two new versions that will be released later this year. The Nook Lite is essentially the same Nook that’s on the market right now but won’t use AT&T's 3G Wireless Network.

The Nook Lite’s lack of 3G may be an annoyance to those that live in urban areas, but AT&T’s 3G network doesn’t cover the entire country. The Wi-Fi only device will be priced at $199 which is lower than the entry level models of the Kindle 2 or iPad.

The other new entry is the Nook 2 which is also known under its codename, “Project Encore.” No details have emerged, but a good bet is that the Nook 2 will add color elements to compete with the iPad and the next generation Kindle. Additional functionality may also be another factor since they are issuing a firmware upgrade for the Nook that includes a web browser next week.

Barnes & Noble’s previous strategy was to sell the e-reader in their 723 brick and mortar stores, on their website, and more than 600 college campuses. Starting tomorrow, the Nook and various accessories will be sold in 1,070 Best Buy stores and online. Best Buy will also highlight Barnes & Noble’s free e-reader app on certain in-store computers and smartphones.

This is a bold move by Barnes & Noble to take their e-reader into the same store that sells the iPad. The Nook Lite may get some needed buzz because it is on track to hit stores by the end of the quarter, just in time for the high school and college graduation season. The $199 price is less than a new iPod, a fact which may finally lure curious customers to check out the e-reader.


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The Nook lineup seems to get more interesting every launch, just a few months back it was the Nook Lite now we have the Nook Color which is limited to only buying a color e-reader. With an ARM Cortex A8 800MHz it's going to be a great tablet. Tough competition with the iPad already leading the race, it's sure going to be a buying frenzy!!

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I have to be honest.  I think the only people who will buy a Nook are the avid Barnes & Noble croud.  They may see it at the store and be floored by it and think how great it would be, and at only $199 it is much cheaper than the iPad, but they won't realize how limited in features it is to the iPad.  I could see it winning out against the Kindle though.  If they keep upgrading and finding ways to keep it in the spotlight I think people will flock towards it over the Kindle, especially since the iPad/Kindle debate has gotten sooooo old to alot of people.  In short (too late), as a simple eReader I think it is the best on the market, but compared to the features of the iPad it falls ways short.  Unfortunately that will be the first thing people compare it against.

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these new handy readers are selling like hot cakes and are even available on the android phones. I wonder what its going to do to the paper book business. I just bought a book on the new wisconsin health insurance laws set forth by obama care

hopefully soon they will have an auditory version of these new tools with a virtual spokesperson . This would attend to the hearing impaired