VW wants to put their electric bicycle “bik.e” in your trunk

VW wants to put their electric bicycle “bik.e” in your trunk Carmakers have a long history with bicycles starting with Peugeot in 1882 and Lexus’ recent foray into the market. At Auto China 2010, VW unveiled the bik.e, an electric bike that fits your trunk.

The bik.e is part of VW’s “Think Blue” campaign that takes from the automaker’s past. Instead of their 1960’s slogan of “Think Small” that pushed the VW Beetle, “Think Blue” advocates “sustainable mobility.”

VW’s spin on the electric bike focuses a lot on the relationship between design and space. Unlike many electric bikes, the bik.e folds up for easy storage in a home and fits perfectly into the spare tire spot in a trunk or exterior spare wheel rack.

The bik.e can charge its battery via a car’s DC power or a traditional AC outlet. VW hasn’t said how long it takes to power up the bike, but they revealed that the current range is 12.5 miles on single charge with a top speed of 12.5 mph.

VW’s presentation at Auto China 2010 unleashed a mashup of Finding Nemo and the Chevy Volt dancers before their chief of research and development rode in on the bik.e. Dr. Urlich Hanckenberg claimed that the electric bike extended a driver’s mobility to areas that a car can’t go.

While the bik.e may look cool it doesn’t really offer a lot of mobility to owners. With its current battery system, the bike will only give riders an hour of travel at top speed. If the battery dies, the lack of pedals transforms the bike into a very awkward scooter.

The range limit also impacts emergency trips such as running out of gas. Not all gas stations are located less than six miles from your spot on the highway.

In addition, there are cheaper and greener alternatives to extend a driver’s mobility than VW’s bik.e. Simply relying on your own foot power or investing in a pedal powered folding bike adds to your level of fitness and you won’t spend a dime to charge a battery.


I'm confident there's a huge market for this bik.e!

Two years ago I finally found a job close to home, it came with a 15% PAY CUT but now my commute is 5 miles each way - so it's been worth it!

Currently, I drive my V6 truck everyday to & from work; IF I could get my hands on this bik.e - I'd ditch the truck & ride the bik.e everyday! I'll be on the lookout for more info; can't WAIT!


It's not a bike if there are no pedals.

Wikipedia says it ought to be called an electric dandy horse.

Wow... simple, practical, small and cute. This is definitely a WINNER! I'm a fan of pedal assist myself, but this opens ebiking up to a whole new audience. I'm amazed a car manufacturer came up with this. BRAVO!  :-D

The bike is very appealing to look at, anyone would love to own this bike. I've read about the mini electric car which was not too convincing since the amount of energy it's going to consume would be too much but I think this chick new bike won't be a threat to energy conservation. The design is very simple and the bike may be good to be used for running short errands. However,  since it offers only one hour of good speed, the flaw starts from here because I don't think the user would in anyway want to face an awkward situation dragging the bike.