Suzy Amis Cameron’s gown goes green on Avatar’s big night

Suzy Amis Cameron’s gown goes green on Avatar’s big night The Academy Awards are now known as much for fashion as the nominated movies. You may not remember some of the flicks but you do remember fashion like the dress made out of American Express cards or Bjork’s infamous swan. Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of Avatar director Jim Cameron, decided that sustainable fashion should be the “in” thing at this year’s Oscars.

Soon after the release of Avatar, she knew that she could harness the global attention the film was generating. She dreamt up a contest called “Red Carpet Green Dress” as a design competition that focused on sustainable fashion. Suzy would wear the winning dress design to the 82nd Academy Awards.

The competition was simple. Anyone with internet access could submit a design that used sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly methods. Each entry required a $50 fee which went to Amis Cameron’s other love, the non-profit Muse Elementary school in Topanga, California.

According to their web site, Muse encourages “ecological appreciation with ongoing action as a way of life.” Students also eat organic food, learn in a toxin-free environment, and are taught to honor all living things. Students come from a myriad of socio-economic backgrounds and almost 50% of them rely on a scholarship fund. Besides the US school, funds would also be sent to a sister school in New Zealand and another in Thailand.

Jillian Granz, an apparel and textile design senior at Michigan State University was crowned the winner of the contest. She incorporated no-waste patterning, a method that wastes no fabric and peace silk with a similar hue to the Na’vi in Avatar. Peace silk is much less damaging than traditional silk since it allows the caterpillar to  
complete its life cycle.

Suzy said that Granz’s dress was “a beautiful combination of sustainability and style. I'm excited to promote the talent of this young designer."

It’s rare to see something that screams excess like the Oscars make a green statement. Not only is the “Red Carpet Green Dress” contest promoting sustainable fashion and upcoming designers, it’s helping a generation of kids get in touch with the planet.


is she sick?  she looked terribly skinny........anyone know what's going on?

It's probably 'cos she's married to James Cameron.  It would be a very stressful life with him.

Scary huh?  She's 48 years old.  Guess that's what karma gets you.  Advice to all out there, don't cheat with a married man.................

That is pretty scary isn't it. It's sad to see people fall apart as they get older like that. Maybe she needs some Crystal Awards to boost her confidence a little.

Why is the press ignoring how ill suzy amis looked? She looks nothing like she did even a few years ago.

I agree. It's probably because she married James Cameron....

James Cameron is a nice guy, so I don't believe he has caused her weight loss.

LOL  Are you kidding me?  Have you read NOTHING about this *ss?  He's a control freak, arrogant, has no regard for others' needs and is the OPPOSITE of nice.  Dig around and see what you find on this jerkface.  The only thing to add is SHE deserves him - she was his whore during filming of Titanic.  What a couple.

Mrs Cameron is not a big enough star for her thin appearance to make the news. But this is so sad to see. It is clear to me there is something bad going on with her health. She is a very talented actress. Very sad...

I didn't want to be too critical of how she looked because I honestly thought she had cancer or something...She looked horrible last night. She is beyond emaciated and she looks like she's frail and sickly. She was hard to look at. Don't know what is wrong but damn girl do something to fix yourself up there before you look like a corpse.

Lord she looked like she is anorexic or perhaps seriously ill.


She is not ill,and is very happily married to Jim cameron. She is a radiant spirit filled with good intentions to put this crazy world of ours back on track. She is naturally thin,and very healthy and happy. I commend her using the attention to do good!

No healthy adult or child for that matter is naturally that thin.  Suzy A. is not radiant, glowing or otherwise healthy looking.  She looks like death is lurking on her front door and is either very sick or needs a Double-Double and a milk shake from In-n-Out.

If she is not ill, she does not look like a healthy person! believe me, being there, she appeared like she was going to faint any minute!!! maybe this media and public attention get the family asking the same question!!!

She is not naturally thin but has always been of average body mass. She looks very aneroxic and not t all healthy. I am worried she may have some illness that hasn't been noted bt the press as of yet.

Come on, what denial are you wrapped up in?  It's funny how mine, and other females' first instinct was feeling some issue with the husband...controlling...tapping into the dynamics between them -- he didn't seem to acknowledge her much.  She seemed lagging behind, always....  It's instinctive, what we saw.  There's a dynamic there, that isn't healthy.  Besides, whatever issue might be going on.  If that's it, I hope she sees it, and is able to move on.

Her hair was awful: styled like she was one of 10 wives of a polygamist. I can't image that she didn't know millions would be watching.If she had had a different hair style and wore makeup, she would have looked more alive.

Her hair was awful: styled like she is one of 10 wives of a polygamist. Can't believe she didn't care--she wore a decent dress, why on earth didn't she think that hair and makeup was important, too? A decent hair color & style and makeup would have made her look more alive.

I also thought that she looked too skinny.  Her face is very drawn.  I noticed it at the Golden Globes also.  She looked much better in Titanic.  I also remember seeing her as a kick-ass police or other kind of agent in a movie many years ago.

I have never liked her much as a person ever since she broke up Jim's marriage to Linda Hamilton; however, Linda has since opened up about her bipolar disorder.  I can see how that put a strain on the marriage, especially if she wasn't diagnosed, which just means that Mr. Cameron wasn't very supportive of his sick prior wife.  This article has made me re-evaluate my opinion of Suzi.  She cares about the environment and supports education.  She still needs to take better care of herself.  As someone else noted, I hope that she is not sick to look so gaunt.

On another note - Forrest Whitaker looked great - he lost weight, but he needed to.


I'm sorry, but she looks like a dead body, like a skelaton literally.  I hope she is getting help. 

If not sick physically, then she is sick mentally.  Formerly pretty, she can now be cast as a concentration camp inmate.  It was difficult to look at her.  This is clearly someone who is not just skinny, this is someone who needs help.

I hope Ms. Amis is not ill. But, she looks like she could use some help! Hey Jim  C.,take a look at this wonderful woman in your life, she is wasting away right before your eyes.

I certainly agree that no one in good health looks like Suzie Amis Cameron, she looked like a skeleton and very sickly...showing  bones everywhere, she should have worn a different kind of dress so as to not call so much attention to her lack of nourishment. She looked like she's enduring some kind of chemo or radiation, the weight loss, that's what one looks like during their treatments. If she's really not ill...someone get her another doctor's opinion. I too am pleased that she's into helping the planet and educating people about being Green, but please take care of yourself too.

One of my best friends died 5 years ago at the age of 41.  She weighed less than 60 lbs; anorexia had long since stolen the beautiful girl that I'd first met at age 16.  Mrs. Cameron looks just like my friend did about 3 years before she died.  Anorexics use any and every excuse to hid their best friend and lover, Anorexia.  They will tell you they are 'naturally thin', 'have a quick metobalism', are 'athletic'; etc.  It's all a lie, they no longer care about anything but being anorexic.  You can look at Mrs. Cameron and know if she's not anorexic, she's seriously ill with something else.  Since she's denying it, I'm betting it's anorexia.  Her hair and skin have thinned out quite a bit.  Yet another sign.  She looks at least 10 years older than she is.  How very, very sad.   

I thought it was possibly his MOTHER until I did some research on the internet to find out it's his 5th wife and the year she was born...she looks sickly and the dress didn't help hide that fact...and they say that cameras add 10 pounds....EEK could imagine what she looks like in person....SCARY!!

I remember Suzie in Titanic - she played Rose's grand-daughter.  The woman who attended the Oscars last Sunday looked like a completely different person.  Titanic was only 13 years ago and as Suzy is 48 now, she was 35 then.  13 years is not long enough for anybody to look this different. 

This woman IS anorectic, and I have a hideous feeling that she's at death's door. All he has to do is knock. JC doesn't seem to give a damn, or else he feels that being so tragically skeletal is "fashionable". As a former anorectic myself I know how hard it is to kick, and how easy it is to fall into the anorexia trap: an offhand comment about my extremely healthy 121 pound 16 year old body, from a stranger no less, had me eating less than 50 calories per day until I was down to 80 pounds, and suddenly looking up at an ER doctor's face as he said, "It's simple: you eat, or you die."

Not so much that simple, sure, but I got the point. Suzy Amis needs a huge dose of reality about her condition before it kills her.


The woman is sick maybe because James Cameron has found someone new for his 6th wife. Maybe the designer of his wife's Oscar dress "Jillian Granz" or any women extra or actress on the set of Avatar. He is notorious in finding new ones on his film sets.  Maybe because the aneroxic has 3 of his spawn. Usually why someone develops an eating disorder is to have some control over there life. Being married to him would cause one to come out.

Kate Winslet refuses to work for him ever again.

Victoria Beckham is an exercise one, she works out 7 days a week an 1 1/2 hours and follows a really strict diet eat lots of fish, vegetables, fruit, Japanese food but I would doubt that she is getting enough calories.

We are getting more eating disorders due to the pressure to look thin and stay young looking. Time to stop the madness.

I remembered Cameron's wife from Titanic but hadn't seen her since & didn't even know her name.  Her appearance in the dress @ the Oscars alarmed me & prompted me to do a search to see if she's sick or anything. I work with teenagers who have eating disorders and she has the classic look of anorexia.

It's only appropriate that Avatar goes green all the way forever and ever, as that is their aim in the movie.  Recycled material is the only way to go.


- Maurizio Maranghi -

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Fantastic!  Congrats to Jillian and kudos for Suzy Amis and James Cameron for being eco-revolutionary :

I was searching about chemotherapy hair loss when I found this site, that was weird. Anyway, first I just want to say that I like her idea on green dress. Everyone has been too busy noticing her appearance that they don’t notice her great idea. I believe this can be very beneficial to help the environment. I never heard of anyone promoting green dresses. I hope promotion for this will continue. Regarding her appearance though, yes she seems to be toot thin. I hope she’s alright. Maybe she should get a check up and must have a proper diet. I don’t think being too thin can be good for her health.

I think Mrs. Cameron are among those type of women who doesn't care much about being fashionable or what others would think of her but she does look thin and sickly. Her green concept she wore to Oscar is worth appreciating and she'd have looked more attractive if she was a little bit on the plump side but at present she does look like one of those zero size models looking very thin, pale and sickly.

I totally agree.  She looks so thin and sickly here.  But what an opportunity for her to make a statement for green living.  I commend her for her choice and hope that whatever is wrong with her weight will be taken care of soon.  She and James both push the envelope in their respective fields and it is a delight to see the work and art they create.  Congrats!

I never thought of Oscar fashion being a platform for going green. I think it is creative how stars are using whatever they can as a platform to save the planet. There may not have been a better night for Suzy Amis Cameron to do this. Outstanding!