KB Home proves that solar power isn’t just for treehuggers

KB Home proves that solar power isn’t just for treehuggers Like the rest of the economy, the real estate market hasn’t been healthy for a number of years. Builders have had to lay off workers, brokers aren’t cashing a lot of commission checks, and a lot of new homes remain empty for months. Many are looking to green ideas to set their properties apart from vanilla-type construction and a high number of foreclosures hitting the market. Construction giant KB Home is taking this idea to heart and has plans to build a number of communities where solar panels are installed on every starter home.

The residential building titan had previously offered photovoltaic panels as an option for homes in California and Colorado, and their new partnership with SunPower Corporation will make 1.4-kilowatt solar array a standard feature in ten of their communities. The first test communities are located in sunny parts of Southern California such as Eastvale, Temecula, and Chula Vista.

KB has put an interesting spin on the solar panels by pitching them as a way to increase home ownership rates; cutting your power bill makes it even easier to pay off your mortgage. Depending on the size of the home and the energy habits of the residents, the KB estimates that the panels can cut up to 30% of your power bill. For those that really hate giving part of their paycheck to a power company each month, KB offers a fee-based upgrade to a 3.2-kilowatt, 14-panel array which may eliminate your bill entirely.

While the panels may save owners money in the long run, KB has tagged on an extra (and undisclosed) cost for the green technology. Homes in the test markets will be on the listed from $250,000 to $360,000. That’s an awfully high number for a starter home in most of the US, but the California Association of Realtors predicts that the median home price in the state will hit $312,500 this year. If sales are hot they plan on using solar panels in other communities around the country.

The fact that a major home builder like KB has embraced solar technology is a big thing. Their community in Eastvale takes up ninety acres, has five neighborhoods, and may have nearly 500 homes with solar panels. Making green technology such as solar energy as commonplace as a dishwasher or water heater can go a long way in not only cutting you energy bills, but also encouraging others to adopt the technology.


KB Home has always been at the leading edge when building new homes.

It's good to see some great new home in San Diego much better than the shabby foreclosures and short sales.

Great job by KB Homes.  Solar panels continue to produce energy for at least 30 years - as long as your mortgage!  What other appliance comes with that sort of warranty?  Solar is not just for "greenies" anymore - it's for anyone who wants to save money and put their hard earned dollar toward paying down their mortgage instead of handing it to the electric company!

KB Home Sucks, just Google it.Tom you have no clue and don't own a KB Home. Targe you don't have a clue either. My energy/green (NOT) efficient KB Home uses over 900% more energy than other builders, why? the non documented workers KB Home uses to install systems nevr have before. Wrong transformers, installed in the wrong place, causing first degree burns. The computer that controls the HVAC systems blow out due to voltage surges. The dampers to control the air flow were never hooked up to power? All the solar panels in the world can't keep up with KB Home and the hiring pool who does not have a clue of what they are doing. Just Google KB Home Sucks to see the horror stories of owning a KB Home. So many construction defects KB Home can't fix them, after awhile KB Home ignores you and gives up, your still stuck with their Lemon. Mezger their CEO is a lazy PIG and couldn't care less about their reputation. They are still under a FTC Consent order for over 30 years for shoddy construction and fake advertising. Hear my warning, do your homework before you sign any contract to any new homebuilder-lies and non disclosure, anything to sell you, then your stuck ina 30 year mortgage with no RIGHTS.