Shrek glasses pulled from McDonald’s over cadmium fear

Shrek glasses pulled from McDonald’s over cadmium fearSince 1955, McDonald’s has served up burgers in a fun atmosphere that’s suitable for all ages. Their Playland areas, mascots, and movie tie-in’s have been a huge draw for families. A recall notice issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for McDonald’s “Shrek Forever After” glasses may tarnish their sterling reputation with parents. 

The Shrek glasses went on sale on May 21st and featured designs of the main characters such as Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss n’ Boots, and Shrek. At least seven million of the $1.99 glasses have been sold so far in the US and 1.4 million in Canada. 

McDonald’s claims that the glasses were acceptable under state and federal guidelines before they were sold to the public. However, a shadowy tipster disagreed with their findings. Armed with a Thermo Electron Niton XRF gun, the individual found high levels (greater than 75 parts per million) of the heavy metal cadmium in the design applied to the glasses.

The metal can be especially dangerous to children and was recently found in Miley Cyrus’ jewelry line. Many experts have speculated that the addition of cadmium to products is essentially a replacement for lead. 

Cadmium can cause a range of symptoms in children from an upset stomach to softening of the bones. It’s especially dangerous to young girls that have an iron deficiency because their system latches onto cadmium as a substitute. 

The tipster sent the information to Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-California) who in turn sent the findings to the CPSC. Due to the recent cadmium related headlines, the CPSC and McDonald’s decided that it would be a wise choice to issue a voluntary recall of the Shrek glasses. 

Starting on June 8th, Shrek glass owners can visit to learn more about the recall and full refund or call McDonald’s directly at 1-800-244-6227. The CPSC noted that “Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.”

According to a statement, Congresswoman Speier warned companies like McDonald’s to take a keen interest in the products they peddle to children. She said, “companies distributing children’s products must do a better job of thoroughly reviewing their domestic and international supply chains to keep products with potentially dangerous elements from ever hitting their shelves.”


Please let me know when I can buy them or when they are for sale

Please let me know when I can buy them or when they are for sale Please send me an e-mail