Brit chef Jamie Oliver hopes to cook up a “Food Revolution”

Brit chef Jamie Oliver hopes to cook up a “Food Revolution” Jamie Oliver may be known to most Americans as a TV chef but he’s been concentrating more of his efforts on healthy eating programs. He started a campaign to scrap processed food in favor of fresh ingredients in the UK and brought the fight to America with tonight’s premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Oliver started the campaign in 2004 to get schools in the UK to dump processed food which culminated in a TV series and a movement called “Feed Me Better.” The government caved under public pressure and banned junk food from schools and invested $400 million to help students get better meals.

The “Naked Chef” has brought the same battle about food to America. His target was the city of Huntington in West Virginia, named the nation’s fattest city by the Associated Press in 2008. Jamie and his TV crew spent five months in Huntington trying to change food related habits from restaurants to elementary school cafeterias.

The crew found exactly what they saw in the UK which was an attachment to processed and fast food instead of fresh ingredients. Students in the UK couldn’t identify a bunch of asparagus but quickly identified the logo for Domino’s Pizza. Kids in the US couldn’t identify a fresh tomato but were very familiar with ketchup.

Oliver calls himself “a professional s**t stirrer” and he boils over when it comes to the American system of labeling for chemicals and additives. He said that the chemical additions to food are not food and the industry should not be self regulated when it comes to labeling. He said, “how can you say that something is low in fat when it is full of so much sugar?”

One of Jamie’s main concerns is that families have lost touch with the art of cooking. Rather than utilize fresh items families lean on boxed meals like frozen pizza and corn dogs. To charge up the citizens of Huntington he opened up a community kitchen where residents could take free cooking classes. “Huntington’s Kitchen” features a mock up of a famous Army recruiting poster but features the chef with the slogan “Your kitchen needs you!”

Jamie Oliver has a big fight ahead of him considering that taking away a chicken nugget from a child can be like taking a firearm away from Charlton Heston. But a move towards fresh food is not only great for your health, but it reduces the amount of packaging and transport of items that have ingredients that you can’t even begin to pronounce.


I watched the show and was extremely proud of what Jaime is doing. Without any help from the the cooks at the school I add. They were very rude and not acceoting of the help that Jaime is offering.He genuinely cares for the childrens health , it shows. The cooks could care less about the nutritional value in the slop that their feeding the kids. It all processed and out of a box packed with preservatives. Shame on them and the Principal who wasn't any help as well.

Jaime I wish you well with this . Please keep doing it.

 Kim Coates

Jamie you were fabulous doing the show, you are a culinary genius, I cannot believe they didnt know who you were, most Americans by the reviews are hanging with you, most Americans know what you were trying to do and keep doing it for us......those people in that school or associated with it were very igornant to you and did not even try to listen...West Virginia is a bad State to go and try to change anything,  most of the population there is hillibillies and most do not know what is really going on in the world.....I know what a kind and wonderful person you are and would love to meet you...i would to be a chef...i watch the foodnetwork about 40 hrs a week...YOU DID A GREAT JOB AND THE REST OF AMERICA LOVES YOU..DONT STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING...CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!! BEST TO YOU ALWAYS SINCERELY PATRICIA SHERIDAN


If you can't help the bottom how will you start the change.

Your mission to improve the health of America is awesome!  We need this.  I am a concerned mom in Arizona who refuses to feed my kids processed crap.  I make lunches for them every single day as the food at school is terrible.  Please keep going, please keep caring, please keep teaching people that the best food does not come from a box or can or wrapper!  The best tasting food is whole fresh foods.  Thank you so very much!

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First off: THey are not the "fattest" city but the "unhealthiest" city

Second: My guess that the lady calling people from WV hillbillies is a racist. What is the difference of using an inflammatory remark towards a person based on their ethnicity than it is towards a person based on their place of living? Not much.

I think what he is trying to do is great. I do think it would be hard for school cooks to make everything fresh so I feel companies should help out by making healthy packaged food that is easy to cook up. I just hope the community of Huntington does not get frowned upon by the handful of people in this show.

Veronica B. - California



I am not a racist, these people live in the Appalachian Mts, in coal miner country, they are uneducated blue collar workers who want to eat what their grandfathers, their parents ate, and do not want to try to change..they have no class or understanding even to try to listen for change, so they could live longer, be healthier and happy in the long run....Jamie just keep going....would love to have your kitchen in my city......



i believe you are undereducated by the level of idiocy in you remark.

You aint too smart are the idiot.....try to learn someting, but you are still too respectful.......great job Jamie and sorry for Americans who dont get it...........


ah yes be respectful.... but you're to ignorant to see the irony in your rants. this is a good thing he's doing but you degrading other human beings is disgusting. kinda reminds me of processed  racism. did ya daddy teach ya that....

I understand everything I say, did you see how those people at that school made Jamie feel....very depressed....most of the population in WV have the same attitude.....even the Mayor of Huntington said, that the people in his town do not care about these health was written in the local newspaper......if you are so concerned with the good stuff Jamie is doing keep watching the I am done with you...

I couldn't believe my eyes!  Not only the food that was served at that school, but what was thrown americans not know the meaning of "recycling"!!

The world will be a better place if rednecks were just allowed to eat themselves to death I think...

I can't believe the staff fought so vehemently for processed food.   Chicken is the first ingredient!!!! *rolls eyes*   What an uphill battle and I hope for the sake of the children Chef Oliver gets through to them.



It would be great for the entire nation to take note and make the appropriate changes in our childrens diets.  When I was in school the "cafeteria ladies" would not let us leave lunch and go to the playground until we had eaten our lunch. We had REAL food, I was one that ate  in the cafeteria most days a week and remember apple waldorf salad, stew, a real meal. And the waste I saw on the program   oh my was separated and sent to the farmers, back in my day.

Wow - I can't believe how much fight was being put into serving horrible food to our children. Most people do know that processed food will never be as good or heathly as fresh food and yet the people on the show seemed almost offended that anyone might suggest such a crazy thing. Worse than that was that you could see how happy they were when the kids were picking the bad food over the healthier choice. Really... is that something to celebrate?

I can completely understand the challenge as I am a working mom and typically end up trying to find the fastest way to put dinner on the table at the end of a long day. As a result, I have to admit that I am guilty of not always providing the best food for my kids. That show really made me stop and think about how I can change that. How do I get my kids to eat healthier and want to and how do I make healthy dinners when I am always running in a thousand different directions? It is hard for me to completely blame the schools for the food they serve when I know that I am guilty too.

What Jamie Oliver is doing is great. I think so many Americans are so busy between jobs and family obligations that they haven't got the time or energy to learn about making healthier food choices. Hopefully Jamie can help set them on the right track.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be time-consuming or tasteless. There are plenty of simple healthy meals that can be made in 10 minutes that are yummy too! 10 <a href="" target="new">Healthy Eating Tips</a> can be found at natural-health

Keep up the good work Jamie!


What Jamie Oliver is doing is great. I think so many Americans are so busy between jobs and family obligations that they haven't got the time or energy to learn about making healthier food choices. Hopefully Jamie can help set them on the right track.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be time-consuming or tasteless. There are plenty of simple healthy meals that can be made in 10 minutes that are yummy too! 10 Healthy Eating Tips can be found at natural-health

Keep up the good work Jamie!

Jamie - great job!  Keep up the good work.

Pizza for breakast?  Is this considered normal in West Virginia?  I'm not sure where else this is accepted in the U.S. but it certainly is not in my house.  What about those "pearl potatoes?"  I can't believe the school system gets away with feeding their children junk.  To think the kids couldn't recognize a tomato.......shocking.  


Its not really shocking if you know the education of these kids is well.... no better than a potatoe or a tomato.  I am also not pleased with all the finger pointing of american this and american that since its those people in that show which are the "stupid" one.

What Jamie is doing is FANTASTIC !!!!! I would like to tell him about a healthy alternative to chocolate all natural cold pressed cocoa with no waxes, fillers, processed sugars,proven heart healthy ..backed by science ,vegan friendly & good for diabetics.



Would love to get Jamie to our school in Michigan.  The school I work at, the lunches are disgusting.  They are either out of a can or freezer.  Nothing is homemade.  Even the salad comes from a bag.  ICK!  Pizza even comes from a Pizza restaurant.  They can't even make their own pizza at our school.  When I was in school, the ladies almost all of the food.  How can we change this for our children and grandchildren?  Please come to our school Jamie!  We need you!!!  Our kids need you!!!

March 22nd, 2010 2:53 pm

I watched the show and am looking forward to the fireworks. It amazes me that the school is so opposed to this change. So what if it costs more money to change the system. It’s our children’s lives at risk. No one seemed to know what is wrong with they way those children eat. The Standard American Diet is wrong and dangerous. The approved USDA guidelines would allow for M&M’s for breakfast. There is a lot to be changed. This will be fun to watch. I hope he was successful with some of those people. I am imagining one of those school kitchen cooks helping out by having a mild heart attack due to the food habits during the show. Might drive the point home a bit.

I really enjoyed Jamie's passion. Yes, I am pissed off at the way the schools feed my children and my grandchildren.

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If you feel inspired by Jamie's campaign, he has created an online petition, promoting healthy food for children, that he will present to the White House. You can find the petition here:   Pass it along!


Jamie, I hope you get a chance to read this, I just spoke to someone at usda, I asked them if they watched your show.....anyway, it was explained to me that some of the schools in the US are starting to use whole food and grains, low sodium products, no salt and no added presevatives......There you go...things are looking up...again...I hope this puts a big smile on your face............(USDA is UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ARGRICULTURE).....


Hi Jamie, Your second show was fabulous....I wish you could open your kitchen you have in WV, in my city Wilmington, Delaware.....matter of fact....why dont you open one of your kitchens all across the UNITED would be healthy fast foods and I would love to participate, plus you could have your own restaurant change (you think you are rich now..WOW)......saw the clip of your family they are beautiful....You have been great on all the TV shows...GOOD MORNING AMERICA and OPRAH, I am sure the late night group is looking in your direction...Jay that would be fun.......see we all love you here.......THANK YOU!!!