Melting ice sparks global warming debate, but who’s right?

Melting ice sparks a global warming debate, but who’s right? The crux of proving global warming hinges directly on the ability of science to suggest a trend or hypothesis that can be true over an extended period of time. Although the recent scientific study done by the University of Michigan only spans 3 decades, researchers believe the data that shows the cryosphere’s melting trend may be a significant finding for the relevancy of global warming. But is it just a short glimpse in an otherwise sinusoidal pattern?

Mark Flanner of the University of Michigan conducted the study of the Northern Hemisphere that analyzed satellite data of the earth’s cryosphere — the area on the earth’s surface covered by water in a solid form such as ice, snow, or even frozen ground.

The study, a first of its kind, found that decreases in snow and ice have contributed to “albedo feedback,” which is a change to the reflective properties of the cryosphere. As the earth continues to warm up, the solid water continues to melt, exposing the ground and water to the suns rays which in turn absorb the suns heat instead of reflecting the rays back into the atmosphere.

The effect is that the cryoshere is reflecting .45 less watts into the atmosphere than when the first data was collected 3 decades ago and each square meter of the earth now absorbs 240 watts of solar radiation.

The conclusion, as stated by Flanner, is that “a feedback of this magnitude would translate into roughly 15 percent more warming, given current understanding of other feedback mechanisms.”

A change in climate by 15% would no doubt make global warming a very scary reality, but can a model like this be trusted?

Two potential flaws stand out in the study.

First, 30 years is not a sufficient amount of time to gauge global climate change. Even Karen Shell, a professor from Oregon State who participated in the study, admitted, “[it] isn’t a long enough time period to attribute this entirely to ‘forcing,’ or anthropogenic influence.”

A study that only last 30 years creates an array of variables that simply do not take into account the cyclical trends of the earth.

Second, as already proven in many global warming studies, models are often times overly sensitive and need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Certainly, changes are happening and a study like this that showcases a developing trend is something to watch, but it may be a while before there is much validity to its global warming data.


Even if part of a 'natural' cycle, the heating is still there and will have effects. We have no clue how long this cycle (if any) might be or how the anthropogenic factors may interact with it - possibly converting a cycle into continued rise or pushing it much higher than the 'natural' amount. It is one of the hypothesised positive feedbacks in the derided models after all.

Climate change is to environmentalism, what

1939 goose stepping is to social leftist-progressivism.

In 1939 they persecuted Jews just for their wealth, but these Greenzis hate anyone that has the planet killing privileges of wealth, waste and accumulation.

Climate change is to environmentalism, what

1939 goose stepping is to social leftist-progressivism.

In 1939 they persecuted Jews just for their wealth, but these Greenzis hate anyone that has the planet killing privileges of wealth, waste and accumulation.

Yes Indeed, is the ice melting??

During the last 2 years, tcick ice (over 2,5 m) has had a very fast recovere, and its taking place right now:

K.R. Frank



Frank: I don't know how you can say the ice is recovering because on the graph you link to shows the oldest ice is all but gone now. And you do know the ice coverage of the Arctic has been in steep decline over past 40 years from 9 million sq km down to 5.5 sq km?

Ryan re albedo. Your conclusions are wrong. This wasn't a modelling study, remember you were complaining about only 30 years of satellite data? These were real measurements so are the ones that measure how much ice is left in the Arctic. 

And yes you can stand in the middle of the road to wait and see if the bus that's coming is real. Me I'd rather step out of the way...


Climate forcing is not "manmade", that is too broad and accusatory.

Climate forcing is caused by fossil energy.

Fossil energy releases CO2 (aka just "carbon") into the atmospher that was captured aeons ago (or never, if you're a young-earther).  On the other hand, breathing, burning wood, burning cow farts/sewage/landfill gas releases carbon that was captured in the last few years.  This allows fossil fuel energy to release CO2 a hundred times faster than any other process.

Global warming policy isn't anti-human, it's anti-fossil and anti-old fossil technology.

Technology allows our large population and our high standard of living.  However, technology cannot stand still.  We must adapt to changes that our previous adaptations have caused.  We must move to new technology.

The government occasionally spurs on better technology through policy faster than the market would have done so.  We need a policy to transition us off of fossil energy.  The market will not invest in non-fossil energy and make it cheaper until fossil energy becomes more scarce. 

We need to facilitate a transition before this happens because a late transition will mean chaotic energy prices and delaying will increase the level of CO2 in the air.  The level of CO2 declines very slowly (hundreds of years) and continues to cause excess heating and a chaotic climate all the while.

We must cause the market to invest in non-fossil energy now.  Government should not direct the funds and try to pick non-fossil winners.  The broader market should be given money to invest.  This can be done by government via a universal tax cut.  At the same time, fossil energy price must be made to increase slowly but consistently.

A fine against fossil production and import should be used to decrease taxes universally.  Thus, fossil energy prices will be higher for the consumer, but he will be able to take the income from lower taxes and pay for the higher prices.  Wise consumers will invest in non-fossil energy and fund the transition off of fossils while growing the economy.

See , James Hansen, Robert Laffer, Michael Bloomberg, and more...

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As soon as the coastal cities become flooded, and that is world wide, there will be no doubt.


Interesting to see people debate about this, has anybody taken a look at the natural earths natural cooling and warming cycles, though the temp over the last several century has dramatically changed, according to some we were on pace for warming regardless based on historical temp changes.  I'd be interested if someone can shed more light on this, not some literate novice surfing scientist, I mean somebody with a phd and is not bitter about oil companies or environmentalist.

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