Global warming may suffocate giant redwood forests

Global warming may suffocate giant redwood forests The oldest trees on Earth are facing a life or death battle with climate change, possibly due to global warming. The giant redwood forests in California lay snug against the coast where a swath of fog keeps them moist periodically throughout the year. But, climate changes over the last century have reduced how likely it is that fog will form and now scientists are concerned that the redwoods may not survive.

Measurements taken recently captured the height of moisture-producing clouds and scientists meshed that data with recorded maximum temperature readings. Overall they discovered that fog is 33% less likely to form now than 100 years ago.

Redwoods are accustomed to a regularly humid client, which puts them in sharp contrast with other trees in California because they do not retain moisture well over longer dry spells. The culprit behind the changing climate is “. . . a decline in a high-pressure climatic system that usually ‘pinches itself’ against the coast, creating fog . . .” according to National Geographic.

Somewhere around 96%-98% of the original redwoods are gone, chopped down over the last 100 years to supply lumber for industry’s every voracious appetite. There are regulations in place protecting the forests but there are many loopholes, and most of the land is owned by private interests who at some point want to monetize their investment.

That’s two strikes for humans against redwoods. First the very obvious effect of a human need for lumber, and secondly the potential affect of our carbon output into the atmosphere. This is a glaring example of our inability to live in balance with an existing environment.

Both of those strikes against redwoods stem from economic drivers and the accumulation of wealth. There may be some hope though, ranging from trees growing faster in the pervasive carbon to tracking tools telling us where the lion’s share of deforestation is taking place.


Another unsustiantiated scare brought to you by the alarmists.

"Global warming may suffocate giant redwood forests"

For all I know, extra carbon will make these trees grow taller.

It's man and the chainsaw that are the real problem, and it's best not to sidetrack from the real issue -- 98% of the forest was cut down by human hands, not some unseen vapor.

Well, actually, the fog is what keeps them hydrated. And they cant retain moisture for long, thus no water, no trees. Redwood = deadwood.

In DC, global warming puts extra water vapor in the air causing snow.

In California global warming takes water vapor out of the air, making less fog.

So adaptable, this global warming is.


Is it possible that cutting down 85% of the trees unpinned the fogbank?

If trees evolved to grow to a height supported by a fogbank, would taller trees add to a fogbank zone? If so, the tree and the fog grew in harmony. The taller trees blocked in more moisture, forcing taller trees to survive. After centuries, the tree height topped out and the fog bank stabalized.

Remove one, lose the other.

This man induced regional climate shift is supported by research into glacier and snowcover reductions near deforested mountains. It isn't alarmism, the time to sound the alarm was before the cavemen cut the trees down in the first place.

Winged monkeys may fly out of my butt.

"Global warming may suffocate giant redwood forests" by Matt Jansen is a pertinent article.  Mindless deforestation and emission of carbon and other harmful gases by wealth accumulators have  agravated and compounded the already poluted climate giving rise to global warming which is dangerous to the forest.  Something urgent must be done to arrest the fast deteriorating situation and save California's precious giant redwood forest.  Thanks for the karaoke machine

It is a matter of concern that the oldest trees facing a life or death battle with climate change, possibly due to global warming.  As records show that moisture producing clouds are essential for survival of redwood forest.  Unfortunately the same is reducing alarmingly due to global warming.  But interestingly, the two main reasons for depleting redwood forest point fingers at humans.  First effect of a human need for lumber, and secondly the potential affect of our carbon output into the atmosphere.  However, there is hope to this forest by raising public opinion and promulgating laws to prevent felling of trees and emitting less obnoxious gases into the atmosphere.bowflex treadclimber

        This is the result of our misbehave to our nature. Not only redwood forest is facing this kind of problem but many other parts of the world is facing global warming effects. Trees are the most important thing for maintaining good environment all around and we are doing everything to chop it down. People should be aware that this kind of behaviour will effect the earth very badly. So, let's conserve and plant more trees. regards

hiphone definitely, we are under great risk of global warming. we should really do something in rder to save ourselves.


The post may be an eye opener or a reminder about global warming due to pollution and agents of pollution.  Even the giant redwood forests in California are threatened of extinction.  Thanks for highlighting the issue. the diet solution program